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Hello and welcome to My Dog Training Advice (before you go scroll on down and get your free ebook)

My name is Gerald and I live on a farm with my wife Sara and my two children Emily and Todd. Besides God and my family I have two other passions in life, dogs and personal development.

I have all kinds of books,CD’s, DVD’s, ebooks and everything else that my computer can hold pertaining to dogs (dog training, dog care, dog health, dog behavior problems), and how to improve my life and other peoples lives (Law of Attraction, manifestation and the list goes on and on).

Do you get the jist of what I am all about.

I have put this website together in the hopes to give back in some small way for all of the good things that I have in my life. If you can find at least one thing on this website that can help you with your dog then I feel that I will have accompolished something.

If nothing else I just hope that you will enjoy reading some of these articles.

Check back now and again for future tips to help with your dogs training along with other miscellaneous articles about how to have a better life with your pet.

I leave you with this: Start Training Your Dog Today and Dream Big Dreams.

And just for stopping by, here is a FREE “5 Dog Training Myths E-book” that you can have. My friends over at Pruitt Farm said I could share it. Feel free to send a copy to your friends. I hope you enjoy. Just scroll on down and click the “add to cart button” and that’s all there is to it.

And if the free e-book is not enough we are very excited that our friends at SitStayFetch have given us the opportunity to offer you instant access to their Free 6 Day Dog Training And Dog Behavior Course that is valued at $27  You can get it here >> Free Dog Training Course <<


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