Dog Behavior Training

Some first time pet owners might make the mistake of thinking that the only training that they need to do involves housebreaking their new furry friend. The truth is that dog behavior training is just as important, and it needs to start as soon as you bring your new pet home.

Below are some of the behaviors that you will want to train your dog to either abstain from or to stop doing entirely along with a few tips about each.


Some pet owners think it is just adorable when their new puppy jumps on everyone who comes through the door. It gets less adorable, however, when the dog grows up to be fifty or more pounds and is still jumping.

The truth is that no matter the size of the dog, jumping up on people is not acceptable behavior. Even if you do not mind, you are likely to have houseguests who will.

Allowing the dog to jump on people when he is a puppy will make it much harder to train that behavior out of him when he is older.  You should start this behavior training right away.

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Any time the puppy or dog jumps on you, simply fold your arms across your chest and turn your body away from the dog. Do not speak other than to say “NO”.

When the dog gets down, say “good boy” and pet the dog on the head.

The dog will learn that the only way to get attention from you is NOT to jump and that when they do jump on people they will be completely ignored.


Nipping and biting is another of those behaviors that seem cute when the dog is a puppy. Again, allowing this behavior when the dog is young makes the dog think it is acceptable.

While it is normal for puppies to mouth everything they play with – including your hand – you cannot allow that behavior.

When the puppy nips or mouths your hand, all play stops. As with the training to stop dog  jumping, the dog will quickly learn that if he wants to play, he cannot bite the hand that feeds him.

Keep in mind, however, that the puppy does need something to bite. Be sure to provide plenty of chew toys on which the dog can cut his teeth.

 Walking on a Leash

Walking on a leash properly is one of the most important aspects of dog behavior training. Some pet owners make the mistake of thinking that leash training dogs is not important because they have a large yard and the dog’s outdoor time will take place there.

Still, there will be times that you will want your dog to be leash trained, such as when going to the vet or taking the dog to a beach or park.

The dog should be trained to walk beside you instead of running ahead. This can be accomplished in several ways. One of the easiest is described below.

Place your dog on a leash and start walking. Anytime the dog tries to pull on the leash, turn around. He will be unable to continue. When he is beside you again, turn back around and start walking again.

Keep doing this and the dog will eventually get the idea that if he wants to keep moving, he is going to have stay by your side.

Begging at the Table

Yes, some owners consider their pets to be an important part of the family. Still, most stop short of giving the dog his own place at the table. Still, each night around millions of dinner tables are dogs, waiting expectantly for their portion of the dinner goodies.

This might not be such a big deal to some pet owners, but many guests will have a huge problem with it. To stop this behavior before it starts never – that means NEVER – feed your dog at the table. If you do it once, he will be beside your chair at every meal for the rest of your life.

If you want to give him a treat of some table scraps, do so away from the table. Just place the treats in his normal food bowl.

Dog behavior training is important so that you can have a pet that acts appropriately in a variety of settings. Start early and be consistent and training will be much easier for both you and your pet.

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