Dog Breed Training Tips

When you decide to bring a new pet into your home, there are many things to consider and dog breed training is one of the most important. While, in general, dog training methods will work no matter the breed, there are some cases where the specific dog breed training methods should be tailored to that breed.

One obvious example is when the dog is large and has a reputation for being a bit more aggressive than some other breeds.

Whether or not you agree with how aggressive some think your dog breed is, you certainly do not want your dog behaving badly and thus adding fuel to that fire.

You should want your dog to be a shining example of his breed. Depending on your dog breed, training may need to include some professional assistance, such as in the form of obedience classes or even one-on-one training.

With any large dog, it is particularly important the dog respond to voice commands. Because you may have difficulty gaining physical control of your large dog breed, training must make you able to fully control your dog with commands.

With those thought to be aggressive, dog breed training should also include teaching the dog to tolerate strangers and, if possible, other animals.

To be clear, it is not that other dogs could not benefit from such training, instead there is an added level of responsibility when one owns a dog that is widely considered to be aggressive.

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Using pit bulls as an example, the truth is that these dogs bite less frequently than some other breeds. In fact, the dogs that bite the most are Chihuahuas, but because of their small size, they are able to escape the reputation of being a dangerous dog.

If you own a pit bull, you have a responsibility to your dog, the entire breed and others who own pit bulls to do all that you can NOT to contribute to the bad reputation of this breed.  That means taking extra steps to make sure that dog breed training includes excellent socialization and obedience skills.

For a non-aggressive dog breed, training specific to the breed could include dealing with separation issues, difficulty in housebreaking and other problems that might be specific to the breed.

No matter what type of dog that you have, the sooner that you start training, the easier the process will be. Also, consistency while training is an absolute must. You should decide early on which methods of training you will try to utilize and then stick with those methods as much as possible.

For example, crate training can be the foundation of many of the other needed aspects of training. By starting with proper crate training it can make other issues, such as housebreaking, much easier.

If you find that you are having trouble training your dog on your own, it is a good idea to enroll the dog in some basic obedience classes. These classes will teach you how to interact with your dog in a way that will help you in all aspects of training.

For dogs that are particularly difficult to train, you might need to enlist the help of a professional trainer. While there is some expense involved, it is better to pay to ensure the dog is properly trained.

No matter what your dog breed, proper dog training is important. Start early and ask for help if needed. Doing so will make life better for you and for your four-legged friend. Learn more here dog breed training.

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