Bulldog Training And More

The Bulldog and Bulldog training.

The Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Its short, stout stature combined with its wrinkled face has made the Bulldog one of the most sought after pets around.

The popularity of the Bulldog is such that it’s physical image and character is immortalized in countless cartoons, movies, television shows and live mascots around the world.

Looking at the numbers of Bulldogs registered with the AKC is proof of just how popular bulldogs are.  Consider this: the bulldog is always included among the top 40 dog breeds registered with the AKC. 

Taking care of dogs, or any other pet for that matter, requires time and special skills.  Fortunately, the Bulldog is pretty low maintenance compared to other dog breeds.

It does not need to be given special haircuts, unlike poodles, or housed in extremely cold and plush temperatures, not like the Siberian Huskies. Any dog lover out there can do the care for this friendly, lovable dog.

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Whether you already own a Bulldog, or are just thinking of getting one, this article may help you out.

Temperament And Personality

The gentle but playful disposition of bulldogs is the most wonderful quality of this breed. In contrast to its intimidating and tough appearance, Bulldogs are actually one of the gentlest and most lovable dogs around.

Of course, it does not mean that it will stay gentle around intruders, it is still a dog after all, and it CAN and WILL scare the wits out of unwanted entities.

But aside from that, Bulldogs are very sweet, loving and affectionate pets, and some people will tell you that they are safe to be left alone with children. 

However, it is never recommended to leave a child alone with any animal as accidents can happen and all animals are unpredictable.   Not only that, the small compact size of the Bulldog together with all that weight could really hurt a small child if the dog jumped on the child while playing.

Bulldog Training

They are also known for being brave dogs with excellent guarding skills. Another prominent character of Bulldogs is that they LOVE attention. Aside from soft couches and lots of belly rubs, bulldogs love attention more than anything else.

They will seek for it every chance they get, and if you want your Bulldog to be really happy, give them lots of tender loving care. Always pat them, or rub them, and spare enough time to play with them.

There are  some Bulldogs who want their owners to be strong and dominant, people who understand what alpha canine behavior is all about.

Because of these qualities, Bulldogs will be excellent as family dogs. The owners will have to get used to all that drooling and snoring, though. Bulldogs can snore very loudly. They are also known to pass gas a lot, a fact that true bulldog lovers know and actually find charming.

Bulldogs are adorable in such a way that they do not really mature fast. They stay young, playful and lovable. Bulldogs actually reach their full maturity at 36 months, compared to other dogs that mature between 12-18 months. Another exhibition of the youthful quality of bulldogs is their incessant chewing.

Other dogs are into chewing too, but Bulldogs do it more often than other breeds. Owners should monitor the chewing habits of their Bulldogs, because they will chew on ANYTHING, even electric wires, so extra care should be exercised. Also, one may notice that although the bulldog is a noisy breed, it hardly barks, unlike other dogs.

Unless needed, your bulldog is content to stay quiet, and just snore, pass gas, or belch.

Bulldog Training


Bulldogs are known for their problems with heat; just like automobiles, they are prone to overheating due to extreme temperature, stress, excitement or exercise. Remember that too much heat can actually kill your beloved bulldog; heat exhaustion is one the leading causes of death among this breed.

If you plan to take your bulldog for a walk outside, especially in the park, make sure to bring a supply of water with you, along with ice and lemon juice.

Monitor your bulldog for signs of overheating. You will know this when he starts to bring out phlegm from his mouth. You must take him out of the heat immediately. Make him drink some lemon juice in order to get rid of the phlegm in his mouth.

The worst-case scenario would be your bulldog’s tongue turning blue from overheating. If this happens, douse him with cool water, and rub him with ice to make his body temperature drop.

Bulldogs are known to be sweet and kind and as a rule usually make good pets. They do, however, have a tendency to be quite stubborn and a little slower to train. They make for quite the perfect house pet.

They are good with small children and can handle small spaces. But when it comes down to their training, Bulldog owners need to be – no they must be very very patient. .

The number one command that your Bulldog pup or dog should learn how-to-respond to is “No!!” As soon as a Bulldog is brought to its new home, it must begin to get familiar and comfortable with the new rules. Using the “No” command with your pup or dog as often as is necessary will help your Bulldog understand what that word means.

He will eventually learn to stop whatever it is that he is doing or is even planning to do. Even though your Bulldog may not be able to catch on to things very quickly, the more often any command is used, the faster they will learn to understand. Here is a useful dog guide with all of the information that you will need >> Bulldog Training <<

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