Worms And Dogs

What you need to know about worms and dogs.  Dogs have worms and you will have to learn how to stay on top of it. 

There are basically two kinds of worms that you are more than likely going to have to do battle with if you are to keep your dog happy and healthy. They are tapeworms and round worms.

Tapeworms are a parasitic worm that lives in the intestines. They can cause your dog to have diarrhea and some abdominal discomfort. They are white ribbon like flatworms that you will be able to see in your dogs stool.

Roundworms are seen to be the most common of the parasitic worms.  Adult roundworms live in the intestines. Dogs that have major roundworm infections will show dull hair, weight loss and have a potbellied appearance.

Round worms are the ones that are most frequent in puppies and they look a lot like little pieces of string that are white in color. They are a couple inches in length or just a little longer.

They can possibly grow up to be almost twice this size in a dog that is full grown.

The small intestine of your dog is where the round worms live.  They can become so concentrated in this area that they can block the passage.

They are passed by the bowel and will no doubt affect other dogs that come in contact with the one that carries the round worms.

It takes just a few days for these worms to develop fully and is quite easy for them to spread quite briskly from one dog to next.

The speed in which these things can breed and then multiply is truly amazing. For this reason many people originally just assumed that new born pups were just born with round worms. It has since been proven otherwise.

Puppies get their worms from their mom’s through the restrictions of their kennels.

There are quite a few different types of symptoms that can materialize if your dog has worms that if you notice anything out of the “ordinary” with your pet it should be taken care of immediately with a visit to the vet. A dog that is worm infested will become a very unhappy and unhealthy dog very quickly.

If left untreated these worms could possibly kill your dog. If you think that your dog has worms, or even been in an area that he could have come into contact with some dogs that may have worms, take some action.  Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry.

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