Dog Training Guide “Reviews”

Here are a couple of the top dog training guides on the market.  If you are looking for anything to do with training your dog, how to train a puppy, stop dog biting or how to fix dog behavior problems you are likely to find it below.

You will also find two other dog guides below. The Ultimate House Training Guide and The Ultimate Dog Health Guide.  Until I can find anything to compete with these two products these will be the only two listed.



Online Dog Training


Dove Cresswell is a Hollywood North dog trainer.  She has trained dogs and puppies for film, television and commercials so there is no doubt that she has the skills.  This program claims it will teach and show you everything that you need to know about dog & puppy training in seven quick get to the point lessons.               

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Secrets To Dog Training

The Secrets To Dog Training has helped over 210,000 pet owners throughout the world with the training of their dogs and helping them solve many dog behavior problems.  This book covers everything from basic training,clicker training, dog whispering and even some basic guard dog training, not to mention nearly any type dog behavior problem there is.   Check Out The Secrets To Dog Training Today! 




The Ultimate House Training Guide


Author Mark Edwards has been working with dogs as long as he can remember. He is a vet working in New Zealand, and he shares all of his knowledge in this 120 page book. This downloadable book offers step by step instructions on how to teach your dog how to behave when he is indoors.

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Dog Health Guide


The book was written by Mark Edwards, a vet practicing in New Zealand. He knows that some common problems could be dealt with at home if only the pet owners knew what to do. This book is more than just a first aid guide, instead it teaches pet owners about the anatomy of their dog as well as how to look for subtle signs that something might not be quite right.

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