Puppy And Dog Training Secrets “Review”

Puppy and Dog Training Secrets by Kevin Lynch “Review”

Many pet owners have tried in vain to train their new puppy or adult dog on their own.  This can be difficult, especially if the pet has already received some training using faulty methods.  A professional animal trainer, Kevin Lynch, has written a book intended to help pet owners train their pet using methods he developed while working as an animal trainer for Disney.

The book, Puppy and Dog Training Secrets, is delivered in digital form and is full of information that addresses specific training issues such as crate training, housebreaking, excessive barking, chewing and many more.

The book normally sells for $47, but is being offered in digital form for only $27.  Because the book is so packed with helpful information, such as easy ways to leash train and how to stop your dog from whining, that would be a great deal if all you got for the $27 was the book.

But because the book has done so well, Lynch has decided to include some bonus materials, all intended to help pet owners make sure their pets are as happy, healthy and well-behaved as possible.

In addition to the book, you’ll get a video series that will help you communicate with your dog in the most effective manner as well as other tips about proper feeding guidelines, rules for safe play and how to establish yourself as the alpha dog.

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You’ll also get five bonus ebooks including House Training Made Easy, 10 Cool Tricks You See in the Movies and 180 Gourmet Dog Recipes Even You Can Enjoy. The total value of the bonus ebooks is over $250.

The website for the book  includes many testimonials from satisfied customers who have tried the methods spelled out in the book.  Many say that the information in the book helped them train their dog when other training methods had failed.

Lynch backs up his claims by offering a money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with training secrets in the book, you can get your money back within 8 weeks of purchase with no questions asked.

Another valuable bonus is the chance to chat with Lynch via email.  You can ask him specific questions about your dog and about your dog training dilemmas and he will provide a personal response. 

Normally, a one on one consultation with an animal trainer with Lynch’s vast experience would cost over $100, but it is included as a gift when you buy the book.

This book is so full of valuable information, that it is a logical choice for anyone who needs training advice.  Why hire a dog trainer at $75 per hour, when you can get the same professional advice here in this book for a fraction of the cost?

For anyone who is having trouble training their puppy or adult dog, or who just wants to get it right the first time, Puppy and Dog Training Secrets by Kevin Lynch is a must!

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