The Ultimate Guide To Dog Health “Review”

The cost of a visit to the vet continues to rise. Some pet owners worry about the health of their pet, but simply cannot afford to run to the vet as often as they wish they could. “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health” is a book that, while not a replacement for a vet, can give you peace of mind in some situations.

The book was written by Mark Edwards, a vet practicing in New Zealand. He knows that some common problems could be dealt with at home if only the pet owners knew what to do. This book is more than just a first aid guide, instead it teaches pet owners about the anatomy of their dog as well as how to look for subtle signs that something might not be quite right.

This health for dogs book includes information about how to remove a tick, what to do about a dogs hot spots, when you should have your dog fixed and how doing so can help with behavior and other issues. This book also offers lots of advice for dog owners whose pets have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition such as liver disease, arthritis or diabetes.

“The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health” is available for immediate download. That means once it is ordered, pet owners do not have wait to start learning about how to best care for their dogs. The cost for this valuable guide is usually $49.95, but it is on sale for only $37.

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A good value by itself, if you order soon, you will also receive several bonus items.  Bonus items include “The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid”, “180 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog” and “101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10”.

The first aid guide could literally save your dog’s life. It includes information about the correct way to perform CPR on your dog and how to treat wounds properly and quickly. That book alone could be worth the price that you pay.

Again, this book is not intended to take the place of good vet care, but it can work in tandem with it. Many pet owners have been able to avoid an expensive trip to the vet by learning how to deal with smaller medical issues at home.

For those with a dog suffering from a chronic illness, the book could help the pet owner learn how to extend the dog’s life and help the pet be as comfortable and happy as possible.

When you purchase this book, you will also have access to a member’s forum, where you will be able to chat with other pet owners and ask questions.

For just $37, you get pages and pages of medical advice from a vet. This is a great value that is full of great advice.

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