Patience And Your Dogs Training

Dogs Training

Patience and your dogs training is one of those articles that you should probably bookmark and share with your friends. Not because it is filled with useful how two’s such as how to teach your dog to sit or how to train your dog to lie down.

NO this article is just a reminder that you need to stay patient while training your dog.

If you have never trained a dog before you are going to make mistakes (shoot even if you have years of experience mistakes are going to be made). You are going to become frustrated at times and you may even allow a little bit of anger enter into your thoughts. When anger and frustration set in the majority of people have a tendency to take it out on their dogs.

They feel that their dog is not obeying them when in all actuality their pet is just confused. They don’t know what you want.

Staying calm and using patience during your dogs training sessions can be difficult at times so here are some things to remember.

Do not train your dog if you are in a bad mood. I am one of those people who likes to do a little bit of training every day. Just to keep my dog sharp or to work on a new skill. But I don’t work my dog if I am in a bad mood.

When you are feeling on edge and go out to train it seems like the first little, insignificant mistake that is made you get mad at your dog. Even though you are the one that may have made the mistake in your eyes “it’s their fault”. So no training if you are in a bad mood ok.

Stay patient while your dog learns the stay command. It takes quite a while to get a dependable stay so do not rush it. You start at about 30 seconds or so and when they are pretty solid for that amount of time then go to a minute or two, then longer and longer.

Through time you will get the feel of when your dog is going to break the stay command (get up and leave). Just before they break it go back to them and release them. Tell them what a good dog they are.

To be honest I really do not know what the limits are to how long a dog will actually stay (I have never timed it) but I do know that a dog that truly understands the command will stay for a very very long time. Again for this to happen you will need to stay patient.

I could go on and on about the other commands and what they require but I would just be repeating myself.  I know you are probably saying to yourself “that is all he has done is repeat himself” but that is how important I feel this subject is.

As I said before, this article has only one purpose and that is to remind you to use patience while training your dog.

So, learn all you can. Show your dog some love and practice some patience.  I wish you much success with your dogs training.

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