Fixing Dog Behavior Problems

Many dog behavior issues start because new owners don’t take the time to work with their dogs.  Getting puppies trained early will prevent having to worry about fixing dog behavior problems later. 

If you didn’t start from day one don’t worry about it, there is still time. Teaching your dog will take determination on your part, but it’s worth the time. 

Every dog owner wants a dog that behaves when company comes over or to simply go take a nice peaceful walk with your dog without worrying about a dog fight breaking out! 

That is what you want, and it simply just takes a little work to make this happen, but it can happen!

 Training Method

Whether you’re trying to train a puppy or a dog, it’s always important to use positive training methods.  Positive training methods will reward the dog for only good behavior. 

This way, the dog knows when he’s done something correct.  You need to remember to start training in short sessions. 

Keep training session’s fun. 

Like all learning, it comes step by step.  Learning takes time for any animal and it’s the same for dogs.  There are 3 things you as an owner can do with any unwanted behaviors; prevent it, ignore it, or teach an alternative behavior. 

It would be best to teach the dog a positive behavior, over a negative one.  So, if your dog has learned something incorrectly, it is up to you to teach the correct response to different situations.

Remember to reward the acceptable behavior and stop the unacceptable ones.  If you don’t like the response, change it.

Behavior Problems

If you want to stop dog behavior problems, first you need to understand the cause of the behavior.  Why is he digging, why is he biting, why won’t he stop the barking or thejumping?  

Some of the likely causes are possessiveness, aggression, boredom and timid ness.  

These problems can likely be solved if we can find out why he is doing what he is doing. There are many different types of behavior problems that can be corrected, if the owner is willing to have patience. 

Some dog behavior problems can be very challenging to fix.

 Who is the leader?

 Dogs have a pack animal mentality.  There has to be a leader in the pack.  The owner needs to establish themselves as the leader with their dogs.  Because once this is established, the owner will have an easier time getting the correct responses from them later. 

To solve any problems with a dog, the owner needs to establish a partnership with them.  The dog won’t want to please his master if he’s afraid.  You want your dog to want to please you.

 Many dogs have had behavioral problems fixed by training.  Using the positive training methods seems to increase the bond between dog and owner. 

The dog will be more willing to respond to its owner and this should greatly improve your chances of fixing dog behavior problems.  

Positive training is all about focusing on what you want your dog to do.  Bad behavioral problems come from the dog not realizing his role in the house. 

The dog needs to understand the rules of the game and obedience training is quite possibly the best way to make this happen.

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