Prevent Dog From Jumping Up

What is better than being greeted at the front door by a pet that can barely contain his joy at being able to see you after a long day?  While many pet owners appreciate a wagging tail, you may have come to the point that you want to know how to a stop dog from jumping up on you – or anyone else – who walks in the door.

Even if you don’t mind the dog jumping on you, it should be something that your pet only does upon command.  If the dog jumps up anytime he wants, then he will also jump on guests who may not appreciate this form of attention.

Here are some tips to prevent dog from jumping up, or only to do so when invited. 

Ignore Him

Many pet owners give their dogs attention when they jump up on them.  This only reinforces the behavior. Some of those same pet owners then cannot understand why the dog jumps up on the company. 

The reason, obviously, is that they have given the dog attention for the behavior, so the dog thinks that it is acceptable. 

Even if you like it when your dog jumps on you, you need to train him to do this only when you give a command.  If your dog jumps on you without permission, cross your arms and turn your face and body away from him. 

Pay no attention to him at all other than to issue the “SIT” command.  Only when the dog sits should you uncross your arms and pat him on the head. 

Once the dog begins to associate his unsolicited jumping with being ignored, the behavior should cease.

Create a Command

Another way to stop dog jumping is to create a command.  Try to keep the command to one word such as “DOWN” or “Enough”.   

Avoid phrases such as “I said get down right now!”  Dogs understand one word commands better than they do entire phrases.

There is no need to yell.  Instead, use a firm, calm voice when issuing this, or any other, command. 

If you want the dog to jump when invited, then you will also need to create a command for that.   Again, one word, such as “UP” or “HUG”, is best.  

To help stop dog from jumping up, it is best to avoid using commands that you use for other behaviors such as “NO” or “COME”.  The commands for jumping should be unique.  If not, then every time you say “COME”, the dog will think it is an invitation to jump. 

Reward Appropriate Behavior

When your dog does begin to obey the “DOWN” or “OFF” command, it is important to reward – and therefore reinforce – that behavior.  Give him lavish praise, rub his belly and maybe give him a treat.  He will quickly learn that sitting is far more rewarding than jumping.

Even if your dog has been jumping up on you for years, it is a fairly simple habit to break.  Ignore the bad behavior, reward the good and be consistent in your training.  In no time your dog will be better behaved, and you can be proud of his obedience when guests come to visit.

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