Having A Well Trained Dog

There is nothing more enjoyable or more fun than having a well trained and obedient dog.  Not just that, but did you know that trained dogs are going to be happier?

They are just far less likely to get into a fight with another dog and will tend to end up “socializing” much better should they eventually happen to run into another canine while out in public.

Having a well trained dog is particularly important if you have kids in your family or there are children running around the neighborhood.

Similar to having a well behaved child, a dog that is well trained is going to make for a happier household.

The initial time that you put into training your puppy is going to have a huge impact on the pleasure that you are going to receive from him for many years to come.

By taking time to obedience train your dog you will strengthen the bond between the two of you. This will help to ensure a happy and long lasting relationship in which the both of you are going to benefit.

If you think about the amount of time that you will be spending with your dog in the future, the time that you put into training him now is minimal and will end up being more than worth the effort.

There are just a few basic commands that will need to be mastered for all dog owners and they happen to be relatively simple.

Here are the commands…

The Heel: heeling is when you teach your dog to walk right along beside you at the same pace (preferably a brisk pace) without the dog constantly pulling on the leash.

The Sit: sit is one of the most basic of all dog training commands and is one that you’ll want to teach from the outset to maintain control of your dog’s behavior (plus it is one of the simplest commands to teach).

The Down: the “down on command” (where you teach the dog to lie down) can be difficult to train because some dogs (the more dominate ones) feel this is a submissive behavior and could require some patience and time. This command needs to be taught and learned as it one of the main aspects for any successful dog training program.

Learning the meaning of the word ‘No’:  Oh how important this word is for your dog to get to know and it will save you from a boat load of trouble. As a matter of fact it could likely be one of the most crucial aspects of training your dog, if you can get them to understand the meaning of and then respond to the simple word no (it will be a sanity saver). I cannot begin to tell you how much future trouble this one simple word can save you from.

The Stay: and yes, finally, the stay – when you have a dog that will stay you can rest assured that no matter what you are doing or where you are at, you will know that your trusty pet will stay precisely where you want him to stay.

If there isn’t anything else that you train your dog to do beyond these few simple and basic commands, just by him understanding them will improve the relationship you have with your dog and the happiness and enjoyment that two of you will share together.

It is more than worth it to start the training while still a puppy. It will improve your “quality of life” for quite a few years to come.

Training is also going to allow your dog to understand that you really are the boss and thus eliminating many future dog behavior problems.

An untrained dog can often become despondent, depressed, and basically just unhappy. This can cause them display symptoms of confusion and even anxiety (you don,t want to be the cause of that).

By training your dog you will actually be giving him purpose in life, they are going to find pleasure with the fact that they are truly pleasing you.

So go ahead and start training your dog today and before you know it you WILL be having a well trained dog.

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