The Best Method Of Yorkie Housebreaking

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Click Here For Yorkie Housebreaking And More

When you bring home a new Yorkie puppy, the first order of business is often housebreaking your new pet. There are many ways to try and go about doing this, but one of the most effective involves the use of a crate.

This is among the best of the Yorkie housebreaking methods, not just for a Yorkie, but for other breeds as well.

Why It Works

The reason that crate training is often so effective is because dogs will usually not go to the bathroom in the place that they sleep. That means that if you keep the dog in the crate while you are at work, he is very likely to “hold it” and wait for you to get home and let him out.

Picking the Crate

The crate should be the proper size for your Yorkie. If it is too small, the dog will feel cramped and uncomfortable. The Yorkie should be able to easily stand up and turn around in his crate.

On the other hand, if the crate is too big, he will simply sleep at one end and eliminate at the other end.

Crate Training

Before you can use the crate for Yorkie housebreaking, you must crate train the dog. Some owners make the mistake of just tossing the Yorkie in a crate and heading off to work. This can cause stress on your pet and make the crate something that he fears and avoids.

If you take the time to crate train the dog, however, the crate will be viewed as a place of refuge and he will happily enter when asked to do so.

Time in the Crate

An important question some may ask is how much time the Yorkie should spend in his crate. You do not want the dog to be locked up the entire time he is potty training. The point of the crate is that he learns to hold it while you are away from home. When you are home, the dog should not be locked up.

Of course, this means that the Yorkie may have accidents during the time that you are home. This is true, and should be expected, but there are ways to avoid this.

One is to keep the dog in the room with you and watch for signs that he needs to go to the bathroom. There will be plenty of time for him to have free reign of the entire house after he is housebroken. For now, you need to keep your eye on him.

If you are in the kitchen, put up a baby gate so he stays in the kitchen with you. At the first sign that it looks like he needs to go to the bathroom, let him outside.

Praise Him!

Anytime your Yorkie goes to the bathroom outside, praise him lavishly. That means that instead of just opening the door and letting him out, you should go outside with him so that the second he goes, you can praise him.

The Bad News

Yorkies are not the easiest dogs in the world to housebreak. It will take extra patience and extra time, but the same methods that work for other dogs can also work for Yorkies.

Be patient with your furry friend and, hopefully, all of your hard work will pay off in having to deal with as few accidents as possible in the future and good luck with your Yorkie housebreaking.  For more Yorkshire Terrier training tips here is another article that may interest you How To Train A Yorkie  Hope you enjoy

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