How To Stop Dog Aggression

Some dog owners mistakenly think that once a dog shows signs of aggression that there is no hope that he could be retrained and be a pet that is safe to keep. This isn’t necessarily the truth. As long as the signs of aggression are not ignored it is possible to stop dog aggression.

There are some steps that you can take on your own, but it is best to seek professional help when trying to stop dog aggression.  First, it is a good idea for you to understand that not all aggression is alike.

Some aggression is based in fear, while sometimes it is a result of the dog’s desire to protect his owners or himself against a real or perceived threat. Other times dogs are aggressive simply because they want to be the leader of the pack and they are willing to fight their way to the top if that is what it takes.

Sometimes, especially when a once docile dog becomes aggressive suddenly, you should consider that the reason for the aggression could be medical in nature.

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Below are a few ways that you can help to stop dog aggression.

Spay or Neuter

Many dogs will cease to be aggressive after they are spayed or neutered. For some dog owners this is all it takes to get rid of aggression in their dogs.

Seek Veterinary Advice

As mentioned above, sometimes aggression is the sign of a medical condition. Some dogs become aggressive when they are in pain or otherwise distressed. If your vet can diagnose and treat the condition, this will usually stop dog aggression brought on by this reason.

Professional Training

One big mistake that many dog owners make when trying to stop dog aggression is that they try to do it all on their own. While the steps above may help in a lot of cases, they will not help in all cases. Unless you have proper training, stopping dog aggression on your own can be futile at best and dangerous at worst.

Instead, do not hesitate to bring in a professional dog trainer. Make sure that you find a trainer with plenty of experience dealing specifically with aggressive dogs. Such a trainer will be able to evaluate your dog and then set up a training plan that will give the best chance for putting a stop to this of dog behavior problem.

It is important that you follow all of the advice and instruction given by the trainer. Failing to do so can hinder the progress. You may be able to find a qualified trainer at a lower than average rate by checking with your local chapter of the SPCA. Many chapters have trainers that work with them, offering their services for a discounted price.

Know Your Dog

Another thing that you can do to help stop dog aggression is to keep your dog away from situations that bring out the aggression. For example, if being around strange dogs make him aggressive, then stop visiting the dog park. If he gets upset and aggressive when strangers visit, then make sure he is left in his crate or secured in a room when you have guests.

This sounds so obvious, but many people don’t do it! Help your dog be good by keeping him out of scenarios that cause him to act badly. Now this does not take the place of training or seeking medical advice, but it is one more layer of protection in the quest for stopping your dog’s aggression.

It is possible to stop dog aggression. Be consistent and seek the help of a qualified professional and there is a good chance that your dog will be able to learn to be the good dog that he really wants to be.

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