How To Stop Dog Biting

A dog that bites is a very serious matter, and how to stop dog biting before getting to that point is crucial.  It is important to note that there is a difference between a dog mouthing your hand during play and a dog that actually bites or otherwise shows aggressive behavior such as growling or staring. 

Mouthing, especially in puppies, is not necessarily an aggressive behavior. Still, it is wise to curb that behavior as soon as it begins. If you don’t, the dog will grow up thinking that it is ok to bite people.

Very often dogs bite because they were not trained properly.  To stop dog biting, training needs to begin immediately.   If working with a puppy, you can stop this unacceptable behavior before it starts.

           *  Chew Toys

Puppies and dogs need to chew.  If you provide them with chew toys then they will not feel the need to chew on your hand (or shoes, or books, or furniture…).  When the puppy does attempt to chew on your hand, firmly say “NO”, and offer the chew toy instead.

  • Refuse to Play  

When your puppy bites or nips at your hand, make a loud yelping sound and then stop playing.  Do this immediately and your puppy will start to learn that biting is not acceptable and results in the immediate suspension of playtime.

  • Learn Why He is Biting

Is your once docile pet suddenly showing signs of aggression? If so, there is a reason that his behavior changed so suddenly. It could be that your dog has a medical problem or could have undergone a traumatic event.  If your dog has always been aggressive, it could be that he was never properly socialized or was abused.

Once a medical condition has been ruled out, you can move on with retraining your dog.

If you’re dealing with an older dog with biting issues, how to stop dog biting will require some time, and be a bit more difficult to break the behavior.  There are some home training methods that you can try and begin them right away.  And if all else fails, hire a professional trainer to help you tackle this issue. 

The consequences of your dog biting someone can be very severe, including both injury to the person and possibly having to have your pet put down.  Many local chapters of the SPCA offer training at reduced prices.  If your dog is showing signs of aggression, it would be best to have private training sessions rather than taking a chance on working in a group.

 In many cases, the solution will be as simple as changing the way that you interact with your pet.  Unless you have professional dog training experience, it is important to work with someone who does. If you use faulty training methods on your aggressive dog, the results can be tragic. 

Working with a trainer often produces amazing results that will help to curb your pet’s aggressive dog behavior. Remember, if your dog has any propensity for biting, he should always be muzzled when around people.  Also, even after training is successful, you will always want to avoid rough play with that dog.

It’s hard to admit to yourself that your dog might hurt someone, but ignoring the problem is inviting tragedy.  Work with your puppy from the very beginning to curb this behavior and get your adult dog to the vet and the dog trainer the minute you notice aggressive behavior.  By doing whatever it takes to stop dog biting you just might be saving the life of your dog.

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