Puggle Training Advice

Dog Training Advice

To turn that lovable yet crazy little puppy you have just brought home into an awesome lifelong companion, puggle training is an unconditional must. Consequently you need to take many tips and techniques into consideration, that way your puggle training experience will be much more successful. You should try and follow advice of people who have had prior experience training dogs, preferably, and more specifically, in training and dealing with a puggle.

 Know that an experienced dog handler can be very beneficial when training your dog. You can get professional advice through an online dog training course, going to dog classes or through a top notch dog training guide. One important thing to remember is that each breed and owner will have a slightly different learning curve and willingness to learn.

 Fortunately, the Puggle is a smart breed and training will go easier than many other breeds. However you still need to maintain patience and perseverance to succeed in training your puggle. Try and use some of the following advice when attempting to train your wonderful little puggle.

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 Remember when training your puppy that this is a very young dog with an extremely short attention span, try not to become frustrated and do not yell at your puppy. This will only frighten and confuse him or her. The world seems to be a very exciting place to your puppy and to him, play time is almost all of the time.

 Because of this you need to try and keep your puppy’s routine fairly simple. Training a puggle that is younger than 3 months of age should consist of little more than socialization and house breaking. If you do attempt to add more obedience training at such a young age then it should only consist of fairly simple commands such as “come here” and teaching him what “wait” means. Be sure no training period lasts any longer than 10 minutes followed by a 10 minute play time.

 You need to familiarize yourself with your puppies’ routine and begin to know and try to anticipate when your puggle needs to go outside to go to the bathroom. This will make house breaking your cute little puggle a lot easier and help decrease the amount of accidents your puppy has in the house. You should try and watch your puggle’s behavior closely.

 Example: If your puppy starts sniffing around the floor, then you should let your puggle outside. He or she probably needs to urinate. When your puggle is about to have a bowel movement, the puppy will sniff the floor and begin to walk in circles. Watch for this behavior and anticipate your puppy’s reaction.  When you see it do not hesitate, know that he or she needs to go outside and use the bathroom. Watching for these behaviors will greatly increase your chances of successfully house training your puggle.

 You will have to repeat the same process over and over, but try not to get frustrated and don’t change your tone of voice. Do everything on a consistent basis as if this was the first time you were presenting this action to the dog. This will help increase your puppy’s motivation and attention.

 By following these basic tips, you will have a lot better luck with your puggle training, and you will create a much better canine companion for the future. Dog training is fun and the benefits of having a dog that has even a little bit of training makes a world of difference.

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