Reasons To Train A Dog


A dog that is going to misbehave or “act up” can be quite embarrassing.  You are not going to want to go out into the public with him, and what could be even worse, you are scared that he could harm someone or possibly himself.  These are just some of the reasons to train a dog and why it is such an important part of dog-ownership.

At the the very minimum, you need to know how train a dog so that he will obey the “come” and “sit” commands.  By doing this you should be able to have some sort of control over most of the social situations that you find yourself in. 

More importantly (and this is probably going to happen if it already hasn’t), you are going to be able to recall the dog back to you when you see that he is heading towards a bad or disastrous situation.

Understand this; being with a dog that is not going to obey can really put a damper on your relationship. Let’s say for example that you have adopted a dog. You wanted a companion that could go places with you.

Now if your new dog decides to just run wild and refuses to listen to a word that comes out of your mouth, you are going to find that nobody is going to want you guys around.  The end result will be that you will spend much less time with your pet and the bond between the two of you will become weaker by the minute.

A dog that is well behaved on the other hand, is going to be a joy for everybody  – especially you.  You will come to find that your family and friends will welcome your dog and even start begging you to bring him over.  That’s what it’s all about – having the opportunity to bring your loving pet along with you and have the feeling that he (and you) are welcome.

When it comes to the training of your dog you will want to begin with the basics. Be sure that he has a good understanding of them before moving on to the commands that will prove to be more challenging.  Should your dog have some problem areas such as excessive barking or constantly jumping on people, then by all means start working on them as they are particularly annoying little habits.

One very important command (and maybe the first one you should start with) is the sit.  Getting your dog to sit will cause him to become “motionless” and put a halt to him running rampant and causing all kinds of chaos.  It is a command that dog’s should master before learning the other commands. 

The reason being, he will need to be in the “sit” position at the beginning of some of the other commands such as “the down”.  It is quite similar to a prerequisite class or course that you partake in before moving on to the more advanced courses!

Patience is key when it comes to any type of dog training, so if you are thinking about getting a dog or even if you have one already, then you absolutely must think of dog training as a necessary part of being a dog owner.  After all, don’t you want your dog to feel secure and to be safe?  Teaching your dog to mind is crucial for the safety of your pet.

Training your dog does not have to feel like a chore. Consider it a time for you to bond and grow. Try to allow some time everyday for a little training and you will probably find that the two of you will have deeper and more gratifying relationship. How To Train A Dog.

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