How To Stop Puppy Biting

Puppies have very sharp teeth and they can hurt.  Don’t let your puppy start bad habits.  To stop puppy biting, you may have to try some different tactics.  Do not reward bad or annoying habits. You must stay vigilant in the quest to stop your puppy from biting.

It’s our responsibility to help them become the best dog they can be.  Dog behavior is never “good” or “bad”, it’s just behavior.  It can be difficult, but stopping habits like biting needs to be done.

Since puppies don’t have hands to explore new objects and their environment, they investigate with their mouths.  Puppy biting is normal playing behavior for puppies and dogs. 

It is extremely common for new puppies to bite and nip their new owner and is the first problem a new owner will have to overcome.  All new puppies take part in this behavior, but as a family pet it is a behavior that needs to be controlled.

 If your puppy tries to bite your hand or ankles, you should say “No, no biting” and give him a sharp tap on his nose.  If you tap the nose to softly, this could encourage the habit.  A timid correction is meaningless and can make some puppies more aggressive.  One good tap on the nose that the pup can feel could stop puppy biting. 

Something else you can try is grabbing hold of the puppies muzzle and holding it shut with one hand and saying “NO”.  This lets him know that it’s his biting that is causing the bad behavior.  Any methods you use to stop a habit will take time.  Some puppies will pick it up very quickly, while others will demand a little bit more patience. 

Once your pup shows that he understands what is expected, then you will be able to correct him verbally.  This will come in handy when the puppy then decides to chew on the furniture, shoes, or other items it finds in the house. You will then be able to use this command any time that he is biting or testing his teeth.                                                                                                         

Chew toys and bones can be used to move the puppy away from biting you or other personal items you don’t want destroyed.  Chewing, biting, and nibbling can help them through the painful teething period.   All methods of training can take several lessons before the pup stops.  It’s good to have the appropriate toys available for them to chew on.   

Choose toys that are strong enough to withstand intense gnawing by sharp teeth for long periods of time.  Toys that are too small or that can break off into smaller pieces can become lodged in your puppy’s throat.  You need to buy appropriate toys for chew toys.

To stop puppy biting, owners should not encourage their puppies to bite and play rough, it only encourages bad habits.  This puppy will grow up to be uncontrollable.   It is so much easier if the owner will begin to train the pup while it is very young and easier to handle.  

All dogs go through different stages; one of these stages is biting.  It’s up to you to handle this difficult stage with patience and firmness.

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