Train Dogs – Become A Dog Trainer

Would you like to train dogs for a living?  Does training dogs to make a part time or full time income ever cross your mind?  Would you like to become a dog trainer but need a little more input? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then, please read on. 

A career in dog training will likely be one of the most rewarding jobs that you will ever be able to find if dogs are your passion. Let’s talk about some things that you will need to understand before you train dogs for a living and become a dog trainer.

First off, patience (and a great deal of it) will be needed for a career in dog training. You see, working with dogs isn’t going to be the only time that it is required (yes you will actually have to deal with people to).

 To some, hiring a dog trainer will be considered a ‘luxury.’ The potential marketplace for your services will not be as large as if you were to sell such things as pet supplies or dog food (although, established dog trainers usually end up offering these items as well).

Not every person that owns a dog is going to feel that they need to have a professional dog trainer. Therefore, you may have to spend quite a bit of your time in the beginning building up a name for yourself in the world of dog training (unless you can get hooked up with someone who already has an established business). 

Secondly, you should try and seek out a dog trainer certification program. Having a certificate will give you some credibility. It will give you the chance to ask for the “big bucks”. Keep in mind that the people that are willing to pay allot of money are probably going to want some proof that you have had some type of recognized schooling.

Should you not have “the proper training”, the majority of people may think to themselves,  ”If this guy is teaching me what he learned from a book or off of a DVD then I can just do it myself”.

So, just go ahead and get the certification that you need and get yourself a business license while you’re at it. It is absolutely crucial that your future customers or clients have confidence in your abilities and skills.

Once you get your certificate and license, hang them up on your office wall. Even though most people will not look at them very closely, it will leave a very good impression on the ones that do.

Thirdly, and what may be the most difficult part if you decide to become a dog trainer and train dogs for a living is marketing. Research has shown that people who are looking to hire a dog trainer fall into a certain type of group and those are the people that you are going to need to attract.

This “market” as we will call them consists of the middle class and the upper middle class.  The neighborhoods that they live in are made up of homes that are valued a little above avg. for the area.

As a rule they are more than likely to purchase their pet from a reputable breeder, and they will probably be making regular trips to the veterinarian. Your future clients will likely carry pet health insurance (after all the dog is part of the family). They may even get their dogs regularly groomed and take in a few dog shows once in awhile.

Once you get an understanding of who your clients are or will be, you can then begin to “network” with some of the other complementing businesses (groomers-vets-breeders-dog shows). Try to get your dog training services offered to some of their customers.

A career in dog training can be very rewarding not to mention the fact that it can also be quite lucrative. Isn’t it everybody’s dream to do what they love and make an income while doing it?

In closing, if you want to train dogs for a living and have that burning desire to learn how to become a dog trainer just go ahead and do it. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work out for you but think of all of the knowledge that you will have acquired.

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