Training Your Puppy

Get ready for a fun and enjoyable experience.  You are about to learn just a few basic things to help you and your puppy become a team.  To help mold your puppy into the dog you want him to become. Training your puppy is an important step in bringing harmony back into the household.

 The Reward System

When puppy training (this goes for dogs too), the reward system is the most positive dog training method that there is.  Find a food or treat that your puppy is wild about.  Hotdogs cut up into little pieces is a treat that has worked well for some of the top trainers. 

The other reward that needs to be given is lots of love and praise.  You need to stay upbeat and positive; the most important thing to remember is keeping it fun for the puppy and yourself. 

 The Training

The three basic commands for your puppy to learn are heel, sit, and down.  These basic commands are important so you can keep control of your puppy.  To be able to socialize a puppy to different situations is much easier when you have a well trained puppy that listens to his owner.

At the beginning keep the sessions short, 10 to 15 minutes is enough, (a puppies attention span is not very long).  Gradually you will be able to extend the training.

 Using The Leash

When you begin leash training your puppy hold the treats in front of him with one hand while the other hand is holding the leash.  Say the puppies name; give the heel command with a happy upbeat voice.

While he is walking beside you, you will become a human pez-dispencer dishing out the treats and encouragement.  If the pup stops, give the leash a gentle tug while holding the treat in front of him.  Gradually, the pup will get accustomed to the leash and collar.

Teaching The Sit

The best way is to hold the treat in front of the puppy’s nose and gently lifting the treat slowly up and over the pups head.  This should get the puppy to sit.  While you are teaching the puppy to sit, say the word “sit”.  Eventually the puppy will sit without the treats.

This lesson can be taught through out the day at home while watching TV or fixing supper. Just take a minute or two and practice.

 The Down

 When training your puppy to lie down, the best thing to do is have the puppy in the sitting position, show the puppy a treat, then slowly lower the treat to the ground and forward.  This motion allows the puppy to lie down.  While you are doing this motion, you are repeating the command “down” to the pup.  This also can be taught in short little spurts throughout of day.

Training a puppy depends on your consistency in method and patience.  Some pups might take longer to train.  While others might pick it up quickly.  Our ultimate goal is to take the treats away and have puppies do these things with the verbal commands. 

Positive reinforcement training is all about focusing on what you want your dog to do, not what you don’t want.  A well trained puppy is a happy puppy. So what are you waiting for? Start training your puppy today, you won’t regret it.

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